Part 4: Drake University - First Year Seminar 022

Drakeapedia: Building a Living Archive

Course Description:
This seminar engages students in conducting basic historical research of and for Drake University. The class will work as a group to create Drakepedia, which will live on as a permanent and public resource. Students will uncover long-forgotten stories as they navigate the fundamental issues of historical research and writing, conduct oral histories, and explore Drake’s Special Collections and the University Archives.

Course Objectives:
  • Learning to read and evaluate historic documents (agency files, alumni files)
  • Learning to write in different styles for appropriate audiences (academic, wikis, blogs, etc.)
  • Learning to prepare, conduct, and process oral histories (Drake faculty, staff or alum)
  • Learning how to use web-editing software, Wikispaces
  • Understanding the process of historical research, preservation and archiving (tour of State Historical Archives & Salisbury House)
  • Working collaboratively on a group project which ultimately becomes part of the Drake Archives
  • Understanding legal and copyright issues when researching, writing and publishing (wiki entries)


Course Projects:
  • Wiki Pages: building, person, organization, tradition/artifact
  • Oral History Interview
  • Blog Entries

Course Speakers:
  • Don Adams - Retired Drake Administrator
  • Dean Eastman & Kevin McGrath - Primary Resources Co-creators
  • John Smith & Blake Campbell - Drake Advancement and Alumni Office
  • Mark Stumme - Librarian - Special Collections
  • Bart Schmidt - Librarian - Digital Collections
  • Dolph Pulliam - Drake Alum
  • Pam Patton - Drake Prospect Researcher

Course Tours:DrakeapediaClass_HistoricalSociety2.jpg
State Historical Society
Salsbury House - Museum



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